PlexiDrone For Aerial Photography

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PlexiDrone is a customizable payload that can be used with different types of cameras. It is an application control that aims at enhancing aerial photography by providing good footage instead of flying concentration. It is a quality competition for expanding your business.

The PlexiDrone is suitable for use in different commercial and industrial settings. It can be used during roof inspections with both feet on the ground and give your clients a recorded footage as evidence. It can be used by homeowners during renovations and when selling homes for thermal imaging and aerial walks to increase traffic.


The PlexiDrone is designed for developers who want to expand its functionality. It provides a real time and two-way serial data communication. Users can build personal payload and sell them to other people. The application is GPS Follow-me enabled which makes it a reliable personal photographer. It will capture awesome moments as you score points and perform incredible tricks which you can share with your friends.

PlexiDrone can be flown by most Bluetooth enabled devices that use the PlexiHub. The deivces include that include iOS, Windows or Android. The PlexiHub improves your signal range and lets you fly multiple PlexiDrones.

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Various types of Scientific Games and why play them

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Scientific games are generally a fascinating tool which is capable of imparting great and wonderful knowledge to people. They help people to learn science because some people like learning concepts of science in different ways. Scientific games are therefore a great tool that is used in this way. The best thing with these games is that they can be played through an online source. However, some of them can also be played at homes. This is a great way of learning about the various concepts in an effective and easy way. One can also play them free of charge.

There are various types of these games available in the internet. Such games include submarine games, animal quiz games, construction games and human body games.

Quiz games based on the human body

These games are best for kids with great interest and would like to become doctors in future. The game has wonderful quizzes available in the internet and covers different aspects of the human body organs. Four choices are given and only one which is correct. It is upon the effort of the player to select the correct answer out of the four. This way enables the kids to achieve a fabulous chance to learn about the various body parts such as muscles and the bines in an effective way and fast. One also gets a chance to read about the functions of the body organs in an extensive manner.

Animal safari and quiz games

Children show a lot of interest in learning about the various features which are related to animals. These games provide them with an opportunity to read about the different facts of animals. They also get a chance to read about other features like the origin of animals, habitation of animals and many others in an interesting way.

In conclusion, the above are some of the scientific games and why kids should play them. You can allow your kids to play and surely they will learn something of benefit to them.

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Various scientific toys for various ages

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Scientific toys are widely available and in a large variety to select from. The most common categories of these toys include alternative energy, binoculars, astronomy, chemistry, biomedical, EdTech, motors, engines, pumps, magnetism, geology, microscopes, metal detectors, night vision, navigation, physics, optics, robotics, electricity, science discovery, science fun, green, lighting, telescopes and weather. You can just find any category which will interest your child.

For children aged between four to six years can enjoy certain categories of scientific toys. The available toys under this are mindquest, quadrille basic set, rapid-fire power popper and snowman world. All these shall give your child a chance to explore various environments, the way things work and their own mind. Starting your child with toys is a great way to educate and give them an interest in science.

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Galactic Adventurers

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What does infinity means?” – Jim asked his twin brother Jam. “It would be mean something that goes on forever.” – answered Jam.

“Like Space?” – Jim asked.

“Yes, like space and also like time. Time doesn’t stop you see. It goes on forever.” – Leet answered. Leet, their Augmented monkey and personal tutor, was flying the space ship while Jim and Jam heads to the kitchen to eat their peanut butter sandwich.

“Oh boy, I can’t wait to see, Grandpa Neo. I have so many questions for him.” – said Jim. “Me too, I want to ask him why he looks older every time we come and meet him. Hey Leet, why do you think Grandpa Neo looks older than we last meet him.” – asked Jam.

“That’s because Grandpa Neo lives very far away. As you know he lives in Rainbow Fall galaxy which is 16.5 light years away.” – said Leet. “What’s light year?” – asked Jim. “Our universe is a very large and vast. There are part of our universe we have yet to visit. It is so big that even light takes time to travel across distances. The distance traveled by light in a year is called light year.” – explained Leet. “Wow. If light take so much time to travel then how do we manage to visit Grandpa Neo back and forth.” –asked Jam.

“This is because we travel faster than the speed of light. Anyone who travels faster then the speed of light, for them time moves slower.” – Leet tried explaining but both boys were confused and looking at each other.

“Still confuse? Let me explain. Remember when Jim asked what infinitely is and Jam said Space is infinite, to which I added that time is also infinite to since it also runs forever. 

Take the idea of a watches. If I give you both an identical watches; same shape, size with same functionality and tells the same time no matter where you are. And if I tell you both to go out and play” – Jim and Jam interrupt Leet. “Oh can we go out and play. Please, please…” – insisted Jam and Jim.

“No. only once you finish your lesson boys” – Leet refused their request. “So where was I. Yes, so once you come back from playing, what will the time on your individual watches? – asked Leet.”Come on Leet our watches will tell us the same time” – answered both boys. “Great. This is because you both were playing together and were not moving at the speed of light. According to a famous scientist, if a person sitting in a space ship travels at the speed of light then time slows down for that person compare to the person with his space ship parked.” – explained Leet.

“Wait time slows down how is that possible? “ – asked Jim. “ Yea, I don’t understand, we are sitting in a ship and our ship is moving in light speed then why are we seeing time as normal?” – Jam added his question.

“That’s because we are sitting inside the space ship and travelling with the ship. If the ship is moving at the speed of light then so are we.” – answered Leet. “Oh, that makes sense” – said the boys together.

“Here, let me show you something. Let’s go outside and we will do a little experiment” – said Leet. “Horray!!” –both boys were delighted. The three of them stops their ship and go outside in their space suit. Leet was a robot so he didn’t need space suits but the boys required it since the vast open space doesn’t have oxygen in it.

So this is what we will do. Jim will go with McShip in this small ship toward that big orange star. You will cross the star then return back to us. I want you to start your stopwatch as soon as the ship starts moving. Jam and I will wait for you here and start the stopwatch as soon as you leave. When you come back we will compare our stop watches. So are you boys ready” – asked Leet. “YES, SIR!” – Both Jim and Jam answered excitedly.

McShip started the engine and waiting as Jim got on to the ship and sat on the small ship. Both Jim and Jam readied their stop watch while Leet was standing in front of Jim and Jam with a green flag. He gestured his hand carrying the flag and started counting down. “3…2…1…Go!”

Both the twins started their stop watch. Jim ship disappeared as it moved faster than the speed of light. Few seconds later, Jim reappeared with the ship. He got out of the size to match the stop watch time. “Wait, this can’t be right. Jam’s watch showing us that I have been gone for one minute but my watch is showing I was gone for ten second. And I promise, I was really gone for ten seconds. Ask McShip!” – Jim said excitingly. “But I can assure you Jim that you were gone for one minute. Wait, what is going on?” – Jam was also confused.

“And I believe you Jim. You see boys when Jim was travelling at the speed of light. To him time was running normally since he watch was also traveling along with him. Hence, his watch was recording the time it took for the ship complete his travel. Whereas, Jam and I were sending outside the ship waiting for the ship, for us time was also running normally but compare to Jim our watch was running slowly. This is what happen when we travel faster than the speed of time.” – answered Leet hoping the boys understood the lesson.

So, if we travel longer distance and spend more time travelling in the speed of time then our time will be slower compare to the people we leave behind.” – said. “And the longer time we spend on the ship the less time we will spend growing older” – Jam answered. “Well done boys. This is exactly what happens when we travel across the universe. And this is why Grandpa Neo looks older then we last meet him.” – Leet explained further.

“Wow. I didn’t know travelling in the speed of light is that much fun.” – Jam told Jim. “Science is a lot of fun when you read and learn about it.” – Leet explained. “Now get inside the ship, we are getting late. Grandpa Neo will be waiting for us.” – Leet took the boys inside the ship and began flying the ship.

“But Leet, I was thinking. Compare to dad, you are flying the ship very slowly, if we fly the ship like our dad then we would reach to Grandpa Neo faster.” – said Jam. “Yes, and we will save a lot of time too. Whenever we are with dad, we see Grandpa Neo get less old.” – continued Jim.

“Of course, it is like flying the space ship is like driving a car. The faster you drive the faster you reach your destination. Similarly, the faster you fly your ship to the speed of light, the less time you spend. But there is a limit to how much faster than the speed of light we can travel. If we travel beyond that speed then our ship will break away and will end up in an accident so we always have to travel under speed limit. Even in space” – said Leet.

Leet, Jim and Jam reached their destination to the beautiful galaxy of Rainbow fall. There they landed their space ship on a planet with sixteen moon, which is revolving across a greenish sun. Leet landed the ship inside Grandpa Neo’s house which was located next to a waterfall and was situated on top a mountain.

Grandpa Neo was waiting for boys outside his garage. He meets the boys with glad tiding and gave them huge hugs and kisses. Grandpa was accompanied by his robotic butler, Deko and his alien assistant Kappa. “My dear boys, it is so nice to see you both. You have grown up so far. Hey, Deko, why don’t you get chocolate milkshake for all of us,” – Grandpa told Deko. “Forgive me Sir, you can’t have more sweets.” – Deko responded humbly. “What I did not? Check you log?” – Grandpa continued. “I am pretty sure Sir” – Deko responded. “Actually, he is right you had 3 chocolate bars early in the morning, drank 2 chocolate milkshake since morning, ate 5 scoop of chocolate ice cream….” – Grandpa interrupted his assistant who was reading from a small diary he was carrying. “okay okay, I may had some sweet in the morning but this is my house and you must follow my orders. I want three chocolate milkshake. End of discussion.” – Grandpa ordered his butler. “Two milkshake it is for our young masters.” – Deko said and walked away.

“No one listens to me here. Anyhow, my dear boys what did you learn today?” – asked Grandpa excitedly. “We learn that time travels slowly when we travel faster than the speed of light” – said the boys together. “Wow, if you like that then you will definitely enjoy learning about warp drives. Which we use to travel to very long distance, let’s go inside and I will teach and I will tell you everything about it. I hope that stupid robot get me chocolate milkshake.” – Grandpa took the boys inside the house.

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The Future of Robotics

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The Future of Robotics

Robots are used today to build cars, man assembly lines, and occasionally attempt to kick a soccer ball into a net. The future of robotics leaves a wide area to explore for not only the scientists and engineers who create these computerized humanoids, but also for your typical family member. Honda has constructed a robot named ASIMO who has always impressed the onlookers at public relations events each year. This robot can walk and talk, and can grip objects just as humans can.

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History of Robotics

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History of Robotics

The word robot was introduced in 1921 by the Czech author Karel CŒapek in his play R.U.R. However, the concept of autonomous or semi-autonomous mechanical beings dates far back into the mists of history. The Illiad attributes mechanical hand maidens crafted from gold to the Greek smith God Hephaestus. Archytas of Tarentum is purported to have crafted a mechanical pigeon capable of actually flying around the year 400 B.C. Mechanically powered automatons of various kinds began to abound after the Medieval period gave way to the Rennaisance.

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Top 4 Apps For The Big Kids!

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Top 4 Apps For The Big Kids!

We all love to play games on our mobile phones and home PCs and today this trend is probably more prevalent than ever. When you get on a busy train and see a hoard of busy workers commuting with their minds buried deep inside their touchpad, laptop or Smartphone, at first glance it looks like we live in a busy world of work, work, and more work. However, look closer and they are all just like you, big kids playing games and watching videos.

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