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Satellite toys is an online store where you can buy a variety of wooden educational toys for your children. We understand the concern of parents when it comes to their child’s character development and upbringing. Toys help them in nurturing their creativity and imagination and teach them the skills they need in their life like problem solving and conflict resolution.

We deal with toys made up of good quality wood, so they last longer than any other gadgets in the market. Keeping in mind the child’s interest, we introduced colorful toys in a variety of shapes and sizes which suit different age groups. You have to choose the right toys we deliver it to your doorsteps

Last longer

We all know children are sometimes violent with their toys, and plastic toys are tend to break soon. Besides, they can hurt your children when broken. Whereas our good quality wooden toys will last longer, and there are hardly chances of few scratches or dents if you have them for so long.

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Learning tools

As children age, their brain starts the imagination process, and they learn things by figuring out new concepts on their own. Toys are a great source of learning for your little ones. So bring them the right toys and let their imagination do the rest of the job. Our wooden toys come in different shapes like animals, sticks, arcs, blocks, circles and triangles.

Delivered at your Doorstep

What is better than getting your favorite product at your doorstep? You have to select the product from the online store and put it in your cart. Then add your details like name, address to get it delivered at your place.

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